Thrillton Consulting Limited in Brief
icon2xTHRILLTON Consulting Limited is an African management consulting firm based in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania which provides services in the areas of Business Consultancy, Research & Training Development, and Corporate Secretarial & Registrars Services. Established in 2010, Thrillton provides cost-effective business solutions to clients who need assistance in creating, identifying, and establishing business practices beyond ordinary measure. Thrillton lines up with clients from different sectors of the economy to understand their business objectives with the purpose of assisting them to create value, growth, and competitive advantage. Thrillton`s goal is to ensure clients achieve desirable results, build more capable entities, and secure long-lasting business relationships. staff_mail

Overall, THRILLTON CONSULTING operates with the following business focus



Business Consultancy is our major business focus. Under this category, we provide services in the following areas;

i. Business / Enterprise Development

- Business Start-up - Business Growth Plan  - Business Expansion and Diversification Business_diversification

ii. Corporate Finance

 - Preparing Business Plans, Proposals, Expression of Interest  - Designing Company Profiles  - Conducting Financial Due Diligence  - Conducting Feasibility Study  - Conducting Market Research & Baseline Survey  - Conducting Business Valuation  - Conducting Business Review / Business Impact Analysis  - Facilitating Strategic Planning  - Performing Monitoring and Evaluation  - Providing Professional Backstopping / Capacity Building  - Project Management  - Needs Assessment

iii. Human Resource Development

- Strategic HR Management - Salary Review / Survey - Compensation Survey - Job Evaluation and Reviewing of Scheme of Service - Manpower planning ( Manpower levels rapid assessment) - Skill Gap Analysis - HR Policies, Organization Structure, System and Salary Structure Review - Employees Relation & Conflict Management - Preparing / Reviewing employee handbook - Executive Selection (Recruitment) and Overall Career Counseling

iv. Finance & Investments

- Financial Planning - Investment Planning - Retirement Planning - Cash Management - Business Financing - Real Estates and Alternative Investments - Capital Markets

v. Micro-Credit /Financing & Lending Entities/ Saccos / Saving Clubs Formation

- Step by Step Registration of Business Entities to the required Government organs - Preparation of Loans` Portfolio Products - Selection and Installation of Loans` Business Supporting Software - Training and preparation of user manual to be used by the users of loans' supporting software

vi. Business Support Services

- Fund Management - Preparing Annual Reports - Preparing Financial Regulations and Accounting Manual - Payroll Preparation and Management

vii. Procurement services

- Performing Procurement audits, Investigations and Reviews - Performing Tender Evaluation - Preparing Tender Documents - Providing Advisory in all Issues Pertaining Procurement (Procurement planning)

viii. Corporate Events Management

THRILLTON can arrange / facilitate the following business related events - Workshops - Seminars - Corporate Meetings - Forums - Corporate Interviews - Staff-retreats


THRILLTON conducts research in the following areas:

- Business and Economics, - Productivity and Competitiveness, - Capital markets, - Labor markets and off shoring, - Consumer Demand and Demographics, - Global Economic Integration, - Business Risk Analysis, - Industry & Social Economic Analysis, - Benchmarking, - Business Forecasting, - Market Sizing, - Product and Service Demand Creation. global_economic_intergration

THRILLTON provides training with respect to the following topics

 Creating Sustainable Enterprise and Opportunity (Business Enterprise Development) - Financial Planning, - Personal Finance, - Investment in the Stock Market ( How to make money in stocks), - The Role of Credit System in Our Businesses, - Growing a Good Company to a Great Company, - Leadership and Performance Improvement, - Spirit of Entrepreneurship, - Building Business that Works, - Management Versus Leadership skills, - Managing Work-related Stress, - Developing Effective Leadership Techniques, - Building Strategic Framework for the Business, - Ethical Implications in the Business Environment, - Presentation / Public Speaking Skills, - Attracting and Retaining Good Employees (Benefits Vs Motivation), - Better Time Management Skills, - Strengthening Clients Relationships, - Writing Successful Expression of Interest, Proposal / Business plan, - Career Transition / Interview Skills, - Writing Effective Resume / Curriculum Vitae.
• Project Monitoring and Evaluation, • Customer Care and Services, • Proposal and Report writing Skills, • Proposal formulation and Write up, • Business planning, • Customer Relationship Management (CRM), • Project Appraisal and Impact Assessment, • Leadership Skills, Good Governance and Ethics, • Strategic Planning and Management, • Personal effectiveness and efficiency, • General Management Skills, • Entrepreneurship Development and Business Planning, • Contract and Procurement Management, • Project Cycle Management and Project Formulation.
• Presentation and Negotiations Skills, • Corporate Treasury Management (CTM), • Change Management, • Team Attitude Change, • Team Building and Team Coaching, • ICT in the New Age Technique, • Public Relations in the Changing World, • Business Communication Skills, • Financial Management and Bookkeeping, • Business Process Management, • Organization development and Communication skills.


THRILLTON Corporate Secretarial and Registrars cover the following line of services;
- Facilitation of Companies` Registration ( Local & Foreign Entities) to secure Certificate of Incorporation, Business License, Tax Identification Number, Value Added Tax, and required Industries` Licenses
- Preparation of Memorandum and Article of Association ( MEMARTS)
- Preparation of Memorandum of Understanding ( MOU)
- Facilitation of How to Secure Certificate of Incentives from the Tanzania Investment
- Center (TIC) and DUTY /VAT Remissions on Capital / Deemed Capital Goods
- Registration of a Contractors to Contractor Registration Board ( CRB)

- Registration of Engineers to Engineers Registration Board ( ERB)
- Registration of Trade Mark
- Registration of Social and Business Associations / Clubs
- Registration of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
- Changes to Company data/ Company Name Annual Statement Reviews and Solvency Declarations
- Trust Formations Conveyance
- Registration of Share Certificate
- All issues related to Tanzanian Immigration Services (work permit, licenses, visas ) etc