Thrillton Consulting Limited in Brief
icon2xTHRILLTON Consulting Limited is an African management consulting firm based in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania which provides services in the areas of Business Consultancy, Research & Training Development, and Corporate Secretarial & Registrars Services. Established in 2010, Thrillton provides cost-effective business solutions to clients who need assistance in creating, identifying, and establishing business practices beyond ordinary measure. Thrillton lines up with clients from different sectors of the economy to understand their business objectives with the purpose of assisting them to create value, growth, and competitive advantage. Thrillton`s goal is to ensure clients achieve desirable results, build more capable entities, and secure long-lasting business relationships. staff_mail

Mr. Calvin Urassa

Calvin is a Financial / Investment Analyst and Management Consultant who holds M.B.A in Management & Leadership from Malone University Graduate School of Business - the higher learning institution located in Canton, Ohio, USA; and a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree with a Concentration in Finance from Malone University as well.

Calvin is a Founder, Chairman, and Managing Director of THRILLTON CONSULTING LIMITED. At THRILLTON, Calvin provides strategic leadership on day to day operation of the company. He has eight years of consulting experience offering technical advice on business development to varieties of clients. His main clients range from Small, Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to Corporate Entities. Calvin`s areas of concentration include; Strategic & Business Planning, Financial & Investments Analysis, Human Resource Development, Company Formation, and Procurement.

Calvin has been involved with the preparation of business plans, facilitation of strategic plans, developing human resource manuals, and preparation of financial portfolio products to varieties of clients.

Before forming THRILLTON CONSULTING, Calvin had been involved in conducting major consultancy services to different clients in the public sectors and international development agencies. Just to name a few; In May-July 2010, Calvin was in a team which facilitated the preparation of strategic planning for Association of Local Authorities of Tanzania (ALAT), In February to May 2010, Calvin conducted 2008 /2009 Procurement Audit for National Social Security Fund (NSSF) of Tanzania, In May 2009, Calvin carried out Interim Salary Survey for the United Nations Agencies in Tanzania, In April- May 2009, Calvin was in a team which Reviewed Productivity Profile Across Production Sectors of Tanzanian Economy; in particular manufacturing sector. This assignment was commissioned by President Office Planning Commission (POPC) In December 2008, Calvin conducted Salary Survey for Services Contractor Holders for UNDP in Tanzania. Having previously worked for Ameriprise Financial, Inc ( - A financial planning company located in Minneapolis, USA; Calvin gained substantial knowledge of Corporate / Personal Finance, Investments, Financial Markets, and Overall Portfolio Management.

Calvin is fluent in English and Swahili.

Dr. George Mwaluko

Dr. George S. Mwaluko holds a PhD degree in Management Science from the University of Cape Town, Republic of South Africa, and MSc degree in Management Science from the University of Strathclyde, UK and a BSc. Engineering Degree from the University of Dar Es Salaam.

In the past 20 years, George is Senior/ expert and professional at University of Dar es Salaam – Department of Engineering Management and Entrepreneurship. He offers lectures in project management, project formulation, project appraisal, project monitoring and evaluation, entrepreneurship and business start ups, business planning, operations management and operations research.

Dr. Mwaluko has a vast experience in undertaking consultancy activities especially in the area of Strategic Management, entrepreneurship Development, SMEs Development, Organization development and business incubation.

At THRILLTON CONSULTING, Dr. Mwaluko is a Senior Associate Consultant and in charge of all assignments related to research and training. His main research interests (areas) include: 1. Project monitoring and evaluation 2. Entrepreneurship and business development 3. Strategic management 4. Project appraisal and Impact Assessment 5. Systemic management Dr. Mwaluko is fluent in English and Swahili.

Ms. Aimtonga Amani Makawia

Ms. Aimtonga Amani Makawia is one of the most reliable and flexible consultant with more than 16 years experience in developing programs such as M&E and project management in various African countries such as Government of Southern Sudan, Nigeria, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland, Southern Africa, Angola, Tanzania, Northern Sudan and overall Eastern African region.

As M&E, capacity and management expert, Aimtonga is an analytical consultant who implements right objectives and tactics in order to achieve good program results. She is capable of supervising and directing program design, planning, research and reviews various social development interventions like Millennium Development Goal (MDG) and other related programs in the areas of public health, community development, education, environment, gender, culture, relief, and other development programs.

Aimtonga is excellent in program management, and that poses for superb analytical skills; policy analysis, collecting, analyzing, and processing structured data from various and numerous sources to produce meaningful information. She is also strong in program cycle management and program operations. Ms. Makawia is an excellent field worker and has been an asset in management and technical support person for most development partners and agencies including: UN Agencies, USAID, CDC Funded Programs, Foundations, NGOs, FBOs, CSOs and governments institutions.

At THRILLTON CONSULTING, Aimtonga oversees all assignments related to project & program designing, planning, managing, monitoring and evaluation, and environment impact assessment assignment. Aimtonga is fluent in Swahili, Arabic, French, and English.

Mr. Isidori John Msaki

Mr. Msaki has Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Development (MEED) from the University of Dar Es Salaam, UDSM and Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Economics from the University of Agra, India. Mr. Msaki started his banking carrier at AKIBA Commercial Bank (T) Limited 2000 as a bank Microfinance Officer in the Microfinance Department and he was the first Microfinance officer out of 7 recruited in 2000 developed his career within the bank to the level of Microfinance Manager; senior management position. He managed to introduce the lending best practices and trained more than 100 loan officers in credit lending methodology, loan appraisals, portfolio management and loan recoveries.

Mr. Msaki left AKIBA Commercial Bank on 2007 and moved to Barclays Bank Tanzania (BBT) to head retail credit underwriting; while in Barclays he managed to set up the LPC (Loan Processing Centre) in country and also worked closely with the Barclays Group to introduce the unsecured lending application score card in Barclays Tanzania. Mr. Msaki was promoted to the level of Head of Retail Credit Policy Barclays Tanzania on 2009; his role was to lead the country on retail credit policies and localize some of the Barclays Group Policies; also he was responsible to coordinate the monthly PQR calls between BBT and Barclays Group.

For his career development Mr. Msaki moved from Barclays Tanzania and became the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the newly Victoria Finance Limited; his role was to set up the microfinance business by identifying the business locations, business licence from the central bank (BOT), preparation of the business plan, annual budget, lending policies, new products and recruitment. On 2010 October he moved to NBC to the level of Manger SME the position he held

until January 2012 when he was promoted to act the position of Head of Retail Credit. Finally on 18th June 2012 he was confirmed and now he is the Head of Retail Credit for NBC.

At THRILLTON CONSULTING, Mr. Msaki is in charge of all assignments related to the formation of SACCOS, MICRO-CREDITS, VIKOBA, and Preparation of Financial Portfolio Products. Mr. Msaki is fluent in English and Swahili.

Mr. Frank Mvunjapori

Mr. Mvunjapori is a renowned HR cum Strategic Planning Consultant having worked in HR & Administration field for more than two decades; He is also a professional trainer. He has been both the Manager and Director of Human Resources and administrator for many reputable public and private organizations, executive agency in various sectors such as education, chemical, manufacturing, tourism, civil aviation, health, meat industry and construction industries.

Mr. Mvunjapori has ability to facilitate the alignment of Human Resources infrastructure and capacity building (, processes, policies and procedures, organization, employees, and culture) to its Strategic business plan, through the provision of service in all aspects of Human Resources Management (HRM). Thus, a dynamic result oriented, committed trainer and a good team player for enabling the organization achieve its corporate objectives and goals. His skills, knowledge and accumulated working experience in public and private sectors as well as travelling abroad (Europe, America, and Africa), has greatly exposed him and broaden his horizons and acumen in HR field internationally.

At THRILLTON CONSULTING, Mr. Mvunjapori oversees all assignments related to Human Resource Management. Mr. Mvunjapori is fluent in English and Swahili.